SPv1 Cover


“Space Trix Vol 1 is a gorgeous collection of ambient tracks exploring binaural and 3D formats, field recordings, and meditative sonics.” XLR8R

“The Colour8 have crafted a truly exceptional release with Space Trix, Vol. 1….One of the most interesting releases we have experienced in a long time” Bleep

Space Trix Vol 1 is a collection of ambient tracks by some of the most innovative producers in the field, all mixed in 3D (binaural) especially for listening on headphones.

Matthew Dear (Ghostly International), Mike Slott (LuckyMe), Heathered Pearls, Claude Speeed, Neon Jung (Magic Wire), International Peoples Gang, Kirk Spencer, Dallas Simpson. John Connell, Matthew Collings and Dog Unit have all had original tracks remixed or given hypnotic edits in 3D by CJ Mirra giving the listener the effect of being ‘inside the music’.

The 3D / binaural format transports the listener into a world where the elements of the track appear from all around, adding an immersive dimension to music. Matthew Dear’s track ‘Around A Fountain’ was mixed in a forest with the speakers placed amongst the trees, the ‘playback’ was recorded with microphones placed inside CJ Mirra’s ears so when you listen back on headphones, it is like you are sonically there in that environment with the sounds coming from above and below, in front and behind you. You are transported to that place and that moment exactly as it was heard. Each track has been mixed that way in a unique environment, sometimes real and sometimes virtual.

The spatial effect is generally used very subtly but adds a mesmeric quality beyond the standard stereo format and taps into what is a sublimely intimate relationship between ourselves and sound location.

Space Trix is a Colour8 Records series exploring binaural and 3D formats, field recordings, meditative sonics and VR