European Audio-Visual Free-Surfing Experiment

An immersive live experience | The award-winning TRANSLATE film with accompanying live score | Each performance unique.

Lee Ann Curren at the TRANSLATE Premiere LS/FF 2019

European surfing is full of beautiful landscapes and locations
at the mercy of the raging North Atlantic, set against
Europe’s abstractly mystical customs, objects and personalities
TRANSLATE is a uniquely non-linear project that submerges
the audience in the free-surfing realm of the sport.

It is big, visceral, and seemingly inescapable.
A surfing interpretation of our time.

This is the current chapter in the pioneering creative partnership of director ChrisMcClean and composer CJ Mirra.

TRANSLATE premiered at London Surf / Film Festival in Oct ’19 to a sold out Regent Street Cinema and won the coveted Viewers Choice Award.

A world tour is taking shape for 2020/21 with festival offers from across Europe, The Americas, Oceania and Japan.

The soundtrack is currently being recorded and will be released via The State51 Conspiracy label in spring 2020. Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the recent sessions at Abbey Road and Ten87 Studios….


Chasing Zero
In 2017 Chris McClean and CJ Mirra created a live audio/visual performance that encompassed several surf films they’d created over the previous 3 years. Live musicians performing on stage interacting and playing to the visuals ‘re-mixed’ and re-formed in a visual piece that developed and
flourished as the band played.
Chasing Zero also won Viewers Choice at The London Surf Film Festival, and screened festivals and unique events across Europe to sell out audiences.

“Chasing Zero was one of the highlights
of the Berlin festival. The combination of
stunning visuals and live performance
creates an incredible sonic and hypnotic
feast for the senses.”

Jens Steffenhagen
Founder Strænd Festival Berlin

“Chasing Zero is a highly evocative
audio visual journey into the sublime.
A goose bump inducing, stand out moment
of the London Surf / Film Festival – a full
house of full attention locked in, unable to
tear their eyes from the stage and screen
not wanting to miss a moment of filmic or
musical mastery. CJ Mirra and Chris McClean
take you on a journey that feels at once both
powerful and personal and when it comes to
an end, you feel awoken. Not to be missed.

Demi Taylor
London Surf / Film Festival Director

Translate – Live

A scalable live a/v production consisting of a screening (one to eight screens encircling the audience) of the film in a dedicated space, with a live band central (raised) performing a semi-improvised set. A light show will interact with the visuals and band. The audience therefore are free to view the individual elements separately or as a single production. With light and sound we can lead the audience through the experience.

The live music will be central to performance but the sound
of the ocean will reverberate around the space – moving through the piece as a surround soundscape as if floating amongst the waves themselves.

The crew:
3 or 4 piece band depending on venue…

CJ Mirra [Guitar / Samples / Vocals]
LeeAnn Curren [Guitar / Bass / Vocals]
Oliver Davies [Drums / Samples]
Andrea Balency [Synths / Vocals /Cello]

Dan Trachtenberg [Tour Manager / Sound Engineer]
Chris McClean [Director]

A 45-50min performance

Producer: Demi Taylor

For more details please contact Demi on:
+44 79 41 15 03 84